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Trending Twitter Hashtags of February 2017

February was full of trending topics all over social media! Every month, there are those hashtags on Twitter that really stand out and trend! ICYMI, here are the trending Twitter Hashtags you should be aware of.

#iHeartAwards and #BestFanArmy

Currently trending is #iHeartAwards. The iHeartRadio Awards are only five days away! With that being said, fans are tweeting what artists they love and who they want to win. iHeartRadio is also asking fans to use this hashtag along with #BestFanArmy to vote for their favorite musicians. The choices for #BestFanArmy are 5 Seconds of Summer, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and Twenty One Pilots. My pick for #BestFanArmy is Beyonce! Take part in this experience and tweet out who you want for #BestFanArmy.


This hashtag is currently trending for multiple reasons. First, Camila’s birthday is coming up on March 3rd! Fans are already starting to wish her a Happy Birthday! Second, with #BestFanArmy trending, fans are showing their support for the ex-Fifth Harmony member. As said above, 5H is nominated for #BestFanArmy. Lastly, with Camila recently leaving 5H and starting to perform on her own, fans of her continually show their support! With Camila now on her own, I wonder what her fans will be called?


The Miss Universe competition happened on January 30th, but the hashtag was still trending this February. The winner of Miss Universe this year was Iris Mittenaere representing France. She is from Lille and has a degree in dental surgery. This hashtag was trending during and after the competition with twitter users talking about the winner, attire, and commenting on who they want to see win!


The Grammy Awards happened on February 12th. The stars who stole the show this year were Adele and Beyonce. Beyonce had a show-stopping number performing songs from her latest album, Lemonade, all while pregnant with twins! Yes, you heard that right! Adele this year won Record of the Year for “Hello” and Album of the Year for 25, beating out Queen B! After winning Album of the Year, Adele made a truly touching speech saying how Beyonce truly deserved the award and was a true inspiration. Besides Adele and Beyonce, there was much that happened during the show that twitter users had to hashtag!


The one sporting event everyone looks forward to whether for the sports or the half-time show happened this February. This year’s super bowl was probably the most intense game in years with the New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons. After the first half with the Falcons leading over the Patriots 21-3, it seemed like the Falcons had already won. However, the Patriots made a miraculous turnaround winning the game in OT 34-28.

As normal, the Super Bowl was filled with new commercials, none of which really stood out. During this year’s half-time show, Lady Gaga put on an amazing show. She started it off by jumping off of the stadium roof into the stadium!!! How awesome is that! She performed her hit songs such as “Poker Face”, “Bad Romance”, “Million Reason”, and “Just Dance”. Super Bowl 51 was won game no one will forget!


On February 26th, those in the film industry joined for the 89th Academy Awards. La La Land was the overall favorite movie this year expected to win many awards. Hosting this year was the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel. Two funny things Jimmy Kimmel did included continuing to roast Matt Damon and surprising bus tourists by having them visit the Oscars! As most people know, the controversy of the night was the ‘Best Picture’ category mistake. It was announced that La La Land won ‘Best Picture’. However, the presenters were given the wrong card and it was corrected immediately that the actual winner was Moonlight. The Oscars pulled a Steve Harvey! Whether #Oscars was used to talk about the celebrity fashion or who won, there was much to comment on about this year’s Oscars.

That wraps up some of the trending hashtags this month on Twitter. Wonder what will trend in March? Keep a look out!

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